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GT-AAA PRO High-Intensity Signal Light

GT-AAA PRO is the newest tactical signal light designed for high intensity application, able to deal with any harsh environment for being processed by glue molding to get complete sealed, realizing 200 meter professional waterproof effect. With a transparent and exquisite appearance, it has stronger light transmission and view ability in 360 degrees. Rotary head switch of 3 working modes, high, low and strobe, brings easy and convenient operation. 5-color available GT-AAA PRO can be used widely for diving, caving, industry, military and police.


  • • LED:High Bright LED’s
  • • Output:High/ Low/ Strobe
  • • Runtime:5.5 - 27 hours
  • • Battery:1 * AAA
  • • Material:Polyester Resin and Aviation Aluminum
  • • Diameter:76mm (Length) x 19mm (Diameter)
  • • Weight:29.5g (no battery)
  • • Switch:Rotary Head Switch
  • • Water Resistance:200-meter waterproof


Average Rating

SnouterShooter: I've been using Glo-Toob tank lights for night diving for over 10 years. They've been completely reliable for me and my buddies. I like the AAA models (this one and the "PRO" version) better than the "Original" and the "FX" models because they're inexpensive, simple to use, and AAA batteries are readily available. One fresh battery will power the light long enough for multiple night dives, but for safety's sake I suggest installing a new battery before every dive. I attach mine to my regulator yoke with a nylon cable tie so it is behind my head. That way, it doesn't destroy my night vision by shining in my eyes, while making it pretty easy for my buddy to keep track of me. The blue and green colored Glo-Toobs can be seen from farther away underwater than the red or yellow colored Glo-Toobs.
Tactical Reviews: See: http://tacticalreviews.co.uk/wp/?p=1918 for the full review. One of my main reasons to use this type of marker light is as additional safety lighting when cycling. Typically attached to something behind me, I don’t get to see it, so because I like these, I am constantly looking for an excuse to use them. Things like tent marking, or even leaving a slow strobe on my car dashboard when parking the car at night in a public car park are amongst the ‘excuses’ I’ve come up with. If you like light sticks then these GLO-TOOBs should be on your shopping list.

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