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ECO STAR Lightweight AAA Headlight

ECO STAR is small and simple in design, so there’s nothing much that can break. It weighs only 38g (without battery), 61g (with 2*AAA batteries).The adjustable headband is made of a mixture of high grade nylon and rubber. It’s easy to loosen or tighten, so it’s never uncomfortable. Six colors for choice, so you can ask for any color to suit your mood or costume.The whole thing is small so it fits in any pack.It won’t weigh you down while it lightens up your way.


  • • LED:2* White LED, 1*Red LEDs
  • • Output:48lm / 6lm /5lm(RED)/S.O.S
  • • Runtime:8h / 49h / 110h(RED)
  • • Battery:2*AAA Batteries
  • • Distance:16m
  • • Material:Nilon&Glass fiber
  • • Diameter:54mm*42mm*21mm
  • • Weight:38g(without battery)
  • • Switch:Button Switch
  • • Impact Resistance:1m
  • • Water Resistance:IPX-4


Average Rating

Aaron Ward: This is the best small head torch I have ever found and I have used several Petzls and Princeton techs. Uses 2 AA cells (long life) available anywhere. High and Low white light. Red light for night vision saving. SOS light Simple robust construction. No fragile parts. Tougher plastic than Petzls. can be removed from headband instantly.
Jabba the Cat: Having used one of these torches for about a year I would make the following observations. The on/function/off button protrudes too much above the top of the torch main body and makes the torch prone to being switched on in the pocket by adjacent objects or too much pressure from the outside. When the battery level drops to around 1 volt per cell the torch tends to switch itself off randomly without any warning. There is no dimming of the light output to indicate that the batteries will need changing in due course. Good idea for a cheap and very lightweight torch running off two cells but rather flawed in two major areas as outlined above.
special support: Bought this torch in may 2014, within one year the rubber on/off switch came off, altough i carried it in a special pouch during work. As Jabba stated above, torch behaves randomly when batteries get to low voltage. Maybe i obtained a monday-morning model..
Tania T.: Indeed, I was contacted by Nextorch. They offered to replace the faulty torch with a new one, which arrived last week. Amazing customer service, thank you!
Tania T.: It was ok for a while, but then the flickering started. Apparently that's supposed to indicate that the batteries need changing. So I tried brand new batteries but the flickering is still there making the flashlight useless. It's a pity, because the design and casing is quite good.

NEXTORCH Reply:Dear Tania, thank you for the feedback. Our salesman had emailed you for more details. Please kindly check your mailbox.Any questions please feel free to let us know.Have a nice day!


cobus: I bought a this torch about a year ago and love everything about it, design, size, weight, feel. The only draw back is that mine started malfunctioning after very little use for no reason at all. All lights just goes on and stay on. New batteries doesn't help. I'm in the market for a new one, but am afraid of this happening again.
Tom Palin: I have had this headtorch for less than a year, it has started to flash when on it will not switch off the rubber cover for the switch has come off and the metal disk inside has fell out. I'm not able to recommend this torch Regards Tom Palin

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