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T12G is a high-performance flashlight specially developed for specialized market. It has up to 6 modes (include strobe), which can handle most conditions. 500lumens' output/76hours' runtime/350meters' distance, all these data makes T12G outstanding out of others. T12G has passed IPX7 and impact resistant test, showing the best quality. The charging set dismisses the trouble of changing batteries, while the high quality radiative, touch-comfort button and lanyard obviously reveal the professional and humanity design.


  • • LED:LED
  • • Output:500/300/150/80/10lumens
  • • Runtime:70/120/220/400/4560 min
  • • Battery:Two NT18650 rechargeable lithium batteries
  • • Distance:350m
  • • Material:Aerospace grade aluminum 6061-T6
  • • Finish:Type II Hard-anodized
  • • Lens:Anti-scratch Polycarbonate
  • • Diameter:242mm x 29mm x 76.5mm
  • • Weight:11.9oz / 340g(battery excluded)
  • • Switch:Click On/Off Switch

Average Rating

Mhairi: Hi. I bought the NexTorch 2 years ago and have been suspicious about the length of time the battery lasts now it is about 30 minutes on an 8+ hour charge. It was very expensive and I was told I needed new batteries when I contacted the company I bought it from. It had not been used more than 15 hours over the 2 years. I would not recommend this torch as a waste of money. It was good when it lasted but 30 minutes for an 8 hour+ charge not a good buy. I have bought a cheaper rechargeable torch which lasts for hours. Do not touch with a barge pole. I emailed the manufacture direct and got not response and the company I bought from said buy new batteries. Really poor customer service.
Wälti René: Gut

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