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Nextorch myTorch S 2AAUpdate:2015-11-03

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Review by TREVILUX

September 2, 2015

Nextorch myTorch S 2AA, Review:

LED / REFLECTOR: XP-G2, rugged Reflector (OP) 
BATTERIES: 2XAA (Alkaline, NiMH) 
MODES: 3 + Strobe series. Programmable amount and power modes with Nextuner 3.0 (freeware) 
INTERFACE: rear switch "forward" 
DATE: September / 2015 
OF INTEREST:  nextorch.com  /  fegemutools.com


As you can see from the pictures of family, not Nextorch first contact with the brand. Before this myTorch S2 AA, they have passed through my hands classical myTorch AA, several Nextorch GL10, and  Nextorch P2AAA  (which I introduced last year review).

My first contact was with the AA mark of 70 lumens, one of my first Premium flashlights, and became part of back then fledgling collection by direct purchase in Hardware in my city. Nextorch effectively, you can be found quite easily in some hardware stores certain level in our country (distributes the Fegemu Tools Group officially in Spain). Buying physical store flashlights not easy, except for some specialty stores, distribution marks non professional category is very big here, and we are very limited to Led Lenser Maglite and, Nextorch is a much more convenient option, although also they take a little more time than more active (though it renewed and updated more frequently than the above technology the two brands), brands the products have impeccable finishes, their accommodation to the known is all standares undeniable fact (and at the time I was certainly amazed by the "70" lumens offered my first AA myTorch, because compared with other small lanterns announcing similar values and it shone so clearly superior).

Nextorch is thus a brand that manufactures professional torches (among other contracts, since 2006 is used by the Chinese government to supply security forces, army, ...). It is thus a brand with a path, not a newcomer, with proven experience and it definitely has clearly differentiating features compared to other designs.

We can see throughout the review, but as progress, this model caught my attention and that's here to be put a little test:

1. The main concern is that I know no other brand flashlight that works with 2 AA batteries (alkaline, NiMH) and to include in the own flashlight charging system for MicroUSB connection.

2. Like the other models myTorch, through the USB connection and through a free program that easily install on your computer can be programmed at will, number of modes, power of each frequency of the strobe mode , etc.

The blister in which the product is presented is very similar to previous models of the brand. Comprehensive information on features flashlight, a thick clear plastic that protects the S 2AA and allows us to see it completely (there will be no surprise about the appearance of the product) plus the flashlight includes gift 2 alkaline batteries placed brand itself, test allows the flashlight inside the blister.


Although the blister only see the torch, when we opened it, we found everything necessary for the use and enjoyment of it. A suitable holster, lanyard, spare Orings, a simple lanyard and a ring for the lanyard hook (in case we wanted to use both, I will not use these items, but they are never more as an option), also includes the cable USB / Micro USB that will serve both power transmission if we decide to charge the batteries inside the torch to the data if we use the software to program modes flashlight to our liking. 

As for aesthetic preferences on 2xAA flashlights, I have it very clear, this model fits my preferred design, well represented so far by two very good flashlights, such as Nitecore MT21A and classical MiniMag PRO + AA. The Nextorch S 2AA at the expense of incorporating a MicroUSB charging system and full control over the ways that we use and what should be the order exceeds the Mag only 1 cm long and 1.5 cm in the Nitecore . A long sacrifice worthwhile, the flashlight also remain at a very competitive weight relative to the other. Consider that, without batteries weighs only 70 grams Nextorch. compared to 68 gr. the Nitecore (which does not include freight or computer system management modes).


A classic design for a flashlight 2XAA neither is much less an old flashlight, as it has micro-USB port for charging and data communication protected in the best way possible, without spunoga a significant increase in the diameter section (which I encotrado other brands that have opted for this design), an LED art (my favorite for AA and 2xAA so far), one of the most interesting anodized I found me (the same as I've seen in the P2AAA, and myTorch AA).

The threads, trims, end pieces are 100% Premium. What do I do not like both aesthetically ?, because the crown that looks like silver materials, some plastic chrome maybe. The fact is that the first Nextorch AA I had, and still has the same impeccable, so I can not say that it will be delicate, it has proven to stand the test of time perfectly. That rectangular knurling I love all pushy, and performs the function of providing extra grip properly.


As always some close-up images to see more in detail:


The new range of flashlights Nextoch finally incorporated the latest Led, and so in this S 2AA enjoyed a XP-G2 (my favorite right now for flashlights AA and 2XAA), surrounded by a rugged reflector (OP). As in other models Nextorch, I note that for the flashlight head diameter much thickness is wasted and that there could be introduced a reflector with 1 or 2 mm in diameter. Anyway for small diameter having, there is some porfundidad and concentrated beam bastane in the central Spot "hot spot".

The dye is cold and projection as we can see has a certain level of banding. It's nothing important in itself, the only way to see it is when we light on a smooth wall, exterior lighting not even perceive, but for purists, it can clearly be a matter for future improvement.


A short distance compared with 2 Nitecore beam headlights, one that is a bit more powerful and a slightly less than the Nextorch S 2AA, the MT21A and EA21 

In the next gif animation to the previous two joins the projection of the Mini Mag PRO + :


animated gif


Finally to see the beam in a more realistic way PCO, projections about 3-4 meters from the wall. In addition to the four lanterns previously mentioned, in this animation I include 2A Neutron, which unlike previous offers a distinctly bubbler projection mounting an LED XM-L (to me personally for 2XAA format, I like more the first 4 The Neutron 2A manufactured by Thrunite never quite convincing).



1.       The headlight control is vested in a rear type switch forward , which therefore allows us momentary on. 
2. The flashlight has memory modes (for either). That is, if we decided to include in the sequence one strobe or SOS mode, for them there is also memory. 
3. To switch between the  modes we have included in our sequence, because simple, once ignited with an upbeat background, wepartial strokes and move into the block. 

Well, at first seems a simple interface, and it really is, simple and designed for professional use of the flashlight niguna complication.  
It might get worried, if it were combined with the program Nextuner 3.0, very simple to use, we will allow connecting the torch to the computer via the same cable included for charging batteries, control the number of ways we want, 1,2,3,4,5,6, ... Also power modes we want to include 2 to 235 lumens, for SOS or strobe modes plus the intensity can control the frequency of blinking.  
Since no memory modes, the presence of strobe or SOS mode depending on whether use is given, it could be annoying as having memory pass through all modes to return to first but puediendo program the sequence or presence of these modes, it's no big deal, everyone he prepares his way . I, my old myTorch AA, for example, I have scheduled just two extreme modes, and is very comfortable and well accepted by everyone from home. 


To access the charging port must unscrew his head slightly, and there are the well-protected microUSB (it is the safest place I've found to prevent moisture and dirt). This is the same port by which we connect the torch to the computer if we programmed modes with Nextuner. 
Near the port of loading a small indicator will indicate as charging.  
1. We connect the flashlight to cable and USB port serving power (laptop, USB wall, car radio, etc ...). 
2. We press the rear switch to start charging flashlight. The indicator light will turn red (l flashlight is charging ). 
3. When charging is completed , indicator It will turn red to green .  
4. If we are wrong battery and try to charge alkaline inside a lantern , nothing happens, it detects it and does not start charging, theindicator lights green . 
One detail would increase slightly improve loading speed.

The Nextuner 3.0  download here  http://www.nextorch.com/mytorch/en/download/
already warns us that page when wanting to download the program, the browser could detect as damaging the file, to me has happened to me in Chrome, but not with the Explorer. No problem with that. Downloaded the program (small and fast), we open, connect the torch to the computer and turn it on in the back switch, then the screen Nextuner already see that ways have selected and we can easily add more modes, change there, vary the frequency of special modes (if we include, .etc).  
Some pictures taken to program my computer screen, we see that the modes are standard equivalent to 100% / 50% / 1% of 9 Hz strobe . The first thing I did was change the 50% to 35%, to make it a little more balanced visually.



We take reference values initially included as pre-programmed modes, but as we have seen, it is very simple to modify both the number and order as power modes. Something not change and is the highest-and lowest possible are coming as such in the light and as we have seen with the Nextuner 3.0 correspond to the values of 100% and 1%. 

Nextorch complies with the Standard ANSI / NEMA FL-1, and I have no doubt about it, then the highest-could even think that there are some more lumens is that as I mentioned lumens this brand are as "pata negra" as the most. For some perhaps the value of 235 l. for the highest mode, it remains a fair bit maximum mode, but we think we are in a lantern designed for professional use and no surprises balanced, acceptable performance with both alkaline and rechargeable batteries if necessary. Maintain a more flat line than earlier models tested pro me, maybe it was thought more leverage to alkaline, but with the S2AA, and since it is a rechargeable flashlight, you see that has been carefully performance rechargeable and regulation as we see is not bad.


Lowest mode, 2 theoretical lumens, which they seem 3 would be nice to be a little tight had the opportunity to have a low of maybe 1 or 0.5 lumens. Otherwise we can not complain, because the intermediate modes are the ones we really want. He programmed the computer next to us takes less than 1 minute.


Here the distribution of these modes programmed in lumens and lux value measured at 1 meter. (Probably those values Lux / 1 m has amended upwards shortly upon receipt of new equipment, because the present is giving me luxómetro low values of perhaps 10-15% lower than that marked when I received it):

The graphical performance, very correct, assures us with good NiMH batteries to stand for an hour and a half over virtually 200 lumens (lumens of high quality I repeat), and as usual in Nextorch I've had, we were not lying suddenly, the fall is relatively soft and have 15-20 minutes to cabiarla since it becomes evident that it is time to replace them:


As always with these data we will try to give an overview.



We start with the highlights, being the only flashlight recargabe 2XAA I know, is in itself a great point in his favor, it has always been my preferred format for the car, which avoid carrying lithium batteries, the 2XAA offers there a perfect balance. Currently it is strange not carry in the car cigarette lighter charger or USB port of this kind on the radio, and with this we have a model that can live flashlight in the car and always available. 


Certainly no one can complain that the modes are not suitable for power or order number with the simple Nextorch 3.0 program in a minute you create them to your liking.

The protection system MicroUSB port is the safest I've seen.

I love anodized finishes Premium , and the possibility of momentary on.

The sleek design that I like in this format batteries, not clouded at all by the small fins of the head, which also prevent the flashlight from rolling despite lack clip, something that has always bothered lanterns this same aesthetic, we see in the Nextorch it was not difficult to fix.


There is always something that can be improved, and in this case are small things:

First a question that in itself is not a problem, some browsers may treat the download page Nextuner as harmful as it is notified in the website of this, and as a matter "aesthetic" of image should fix it, though in itself You can not subtract any points to the lantern, because it is not a harmful discharge, it is notified and does not represent a real problem.

The switch has a quick and easy access even with gloves, but the design prevents us tailstand, being a 2XAA is not really remainder, if you would in the case of one 1XAA, which value more this feature at the end of the day still remains possible in some models 2xAA, the tailstand with 2 batteries online this format, is never very stable. 
The only thing that can relmente subtract some point in the final score is that the loading speed It is a little older, 250mA can make a full load is somewhat slow, but we have no reason to expect both the current quality batteries as Panasonic eneloop, allow us to make partial loads without problems for some time, of course every few semirecargas it would be appropriate to make some complete cycles of charge / discharge to prolong the life of our batteries .



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